Valli del Monviso

The village is situated in a small lateral valley of the Po Valley, named after the Lenta Creek that springs here, runs through it and becomes the first right tributary of the Po River. An extremely winding road leads to Oncino, and after a narrow gorge is passed the valley widens and offers the visitor a panoramic view over a romantic landscape.
The ancient name of the village was Hulcium and then Huncinum, and probably derives from the territory’s complex morphology.
Its architecture and urban planning are typical for settlements above 1,000 metres, with narrow alleys, where sleds and mules can pass, and projecting roofs, house entrances protected from snow, small windows and low doors.
Especially interesting is the 17th century parish church Santo Stefano. Built by the Marquis of Saluzzo around 1592 it was subsequently ceded to the municipality of Oncino. Under the aspect of popular architecture the Meire Bigorie superiori, groups of scattered stone houses with small perimeter walls, are noteworthy.
Nowadays the municipal territory is a favoured destination for all those who like to go on walks or hikes in its surroundings, in summer as well as in winter, when equipped with snow shoes.

Additional Informations

Elevation a.s.l.: 1200 m
Distance from Cuneo: 74 km
Villages and districts: Comba, Ruata, Ruera, Ruetto, Serre
Patron saint: Saint Stephen
Summer sports: hiking, trekking, mountain biking
Winter sports: back-country skiing, snow shoe hiking
Town hall: +39 0175.946116