Costigliole is an agricultural and industrial centre at the outskirts of Saluzzo. The town of the castles is situated on the right side of the Varaita stream, where it meets the plain. The toponym probably derives from the Latin word costolae, which refers to the slopes of Mount Pagliano, on which the town stands. Seat of prehistoric and Roman settlements, it belonged in the Middle Ages to the Marquises of Saluzzo, who gave it as a fief to Guglielmo Costanzia (1215). After a short period under French rule it came under the dominion of the Savoy family in 1610. The parish church of Saint Mary Magdalene dates back to the early 16th century and the crypt at the base of the steeple preserves precious frescoes by Hans Clemer. Villa Giriodi, nowadays the town hall,  was built in 1740 by Bernardo Vittone. Noteworthy are also the Castello Rosso and the Costanzia family’s Castellotto, the only true remnant of the late medieval period of the town. Its position on the hill and the mild climate favour particular cultivations, such as those of the apricot called Tonda di Costigliole and the Quagliano grapes, from which the homonymous D.O.C. (controlled designation of origin) wine is produced.

– Saint Mary Magdalene’s parish church;
– the Red Castle (today a hotel & restaurant);
– Reynaudi castle (which owes its name to Admiral Reynaudi, one of the last owners and prominent figure of the Italian Navy);
– Giriodi di Monastero palace;
– Sarriod de la Tour palace (seat of the public library);
– Ethnographical Museum ‘L Palas, displaying a collection of tools used in agriculture until the last century, especially for viticulture

Further information

Altitude: 460 m
Hamlets: Ceretto
Patron saint: Saint Anthony of Padua (third Sunday of August)
Sport centres and facilities: soccer field (hamlet Ceretto), volleyball court (municipal gym), bocce court, children’s playgrounds, picnic area (Fontana Carestia – S. Cristina)
Summer sports: hiking, mountain-biking, biking, horse riding, fishing
Fairs: Festival of Quagliano grapes (last weekend of September)
• Town Hall: via Vittorio Veneto 59, tel. +39 0175.230121; Library: tel +39 0175.239116; Civil Protection: +39 0175.230121
• Post office: via Vittorio Veneto 118, tel. +39 0175.230151
• Banks:
Cassa di Risparmio di Saluzzo, via Savigliano 1, tel. +39 0175.230577
Banca Regionale Europea, via Vittorio Veneto 94, tel. +39 0175.239070
Banca di Caraglio e della Riviera dei Fiori Credito Cooperativo, via Vittorio Veneto 20, tel. +39 0175.239485
• Chemist’s: Farmacia Molinengo di Herborg Federica & C., via Vittorio Veneto 110, tel. +39 0175.230657
• Tobacconist shop:
Brugiafreddo Carla, via Piasco 1, tel. +39 0175.239410
Delpiano Elena Alessandra, via Vittorio Veneto 71, tel. +39 0175.230907
Serravalle Claudia, via Vittorio Veneto 89, tel. +39 0175.230378
• Public transport: Consorzio Grandabus, tel. +39 0175.478811, toll-free number  800.111.773, www.grandabus.it
• Market: Saturday afternoon

Website: www.comune.costigliolesaluzzo.cn.it
E-mail: segreteria@comune.costigliolesaluzzo.cn.it